Last month I lost my 4-legged best friend in Fitty G.

I took some time off from my weekly storytelling videos to pause at life and reflect on all that I’m doing.

To spend time alone, but also with family and friends.

Thinking about all of it and nothing at the same time.

Entrepreneurship is very personal for me so I weave in a lot of what happens in my life into what I do because many of those elements are woven into what drives me.

I’m still gutted from losing him.

But I’m fortunate to be surrounded by love and overflowing with joyous memories of our time together on this earth.

And each day has gotten a little better and I fog has lifted and I can see better now.

And I’ve allowed the emotions to flow over and through me as I go deeper within.

I wanted to share a bit of that experience with you in this video.

Had to shoot it a few times as you can imagine when you let your emotions show.

Heck, I still tear up writing this.

It’s all part of it I guess.

I still miss him, but look forward to what I’ve embraced since then and to carrying his spirit with me into the next chapter.

Thanks for watching & 4-Legged best friends forever.

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