“Underdogs give us hope that effort, hard work, and a will to win can triumph in the end no matter what the odds.” ~ LG & Fitty G

Dogs are the best. I know this for a fact because I love dogs and I have the best dog in the world – Fitty G. He was a gift to me for Christmas many years ago and he completely changed my life.

And learning to love the Underdog Role as a founder can be your startup’s best friend when taking on large corporations and well funded competitors. In fact, A study by researchers at Harvard published in the Journal for Consumer Research found that 73% of people prefer to route for the underdog when asked to choose between well known brands & underdogs or those identified with having an external advantage and a lot of passion behind what they were doing.

In this video, I expand on this topic on why you need go all in on the underdog.

Dogs rule the world anyway so might as well join the best pack there is.



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Love the fact that I can include Fitty G in my storytelling videos to bring home the subject matter. Today’s topic: Embracing the underdog role as a founder.