Today’s video: Why Before and After Examples are the Eye Candy of Compelling Stories.

“The best things in life are free – and $19.95.” ~ Billy Mays

Yup. I’ve done it. Up early one morning riding the stationary and came across an infomercial and next thing you know, I’ve got a new blender showing up on my doorstep 2 days later (Nice work Ninja).

As cheesy as they are, infomercials are still around after 70 years because they are very effective at convincing people to take action and in this case, have me using my smartphone to buy the product while I was working out.

And one of their most powerful tools – before and after images.What infomercials present products that claim to change your life. Fitness videos. Yard tools. Hair and facial cosmetics. Magical Kitchen devices.

A BIG reason for this is that before & after visuals are powerful motivation tools to convince you to act.

In this video I’ll explain why this is so and even share a quick story and photo of my sister Linda’s transformation to give you an example.

Looking forward to what you think “before and after” you watch this video in the comments below.

Lyn Graft


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