“No one has your story and that is your power.” ~ Me 🙂

I’m probably not the first to say this, but I’m going to put it quotes so it looks like I did.

Entrepreneurship is hard. Really hard. It can be one of the most challenging things that you ever do. The odds are stacked against you (9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years).

But there is one thing that you have control over – That’s your story.

It’s one of the few things that you have complete control over when you start a business because you get to create it, tell it and share it as you see fit.

That is why it’s imperative that you put a considerable amount of elbow grease into it to make it great. A great story can help launch an iconic brand, build an legendary empire, or disrupt an entire industry.

Bottom line – stories help you get things – because…

They are also incredibly effective at painting a vision of where you see the brand going to help build that empire

In this video I share 5 reasons why your story is your most valuable asset. There are a number of other stellar reasons story is so valuable, but I wanted to focus on these 5 because they help build the foundation for the rest of the benefits provides.

Let me what other reasons you have found in the comments below.