Getting to ‘Aha’ – Jen Groover and The ‘Aha Moment’ That Led to the Butler Bag

Learning How to Get to Your Story by Sharing Your Story. Jen Groover at the UN Foundations Global Accelerator event We often hear about how an entrepreneur’s ‘aha moment’ led to an incredible breakthrough which launched a successful business. What we rarely hear is the backstory of what led to that moment... the mental [...]

Free Gift – 7 Proven Steps to Create a Great Story for Your Business

A story is one of the most powerful assets in your entrepreneurial tool kit. And for good reason – as a business owner, a great story can help with sales, marketing, fundraising, and branding as well as be a powerful mechanism for recruiting, business development, and evangelizing a customer base or loyal community. Over the last 13 [...]

How a Story Can Change Everything: The Story of Bert Jacobs and Life is Good

Bert and John Jacobs were the youngest of six kids. Their family had a small house outside of Boston, and though they were always short on money, the kids had a good childhood. Their dad kept food on the table and their mom made sure there was always laughter in the home. One night, it all changed.