Simplicity – Why It Matters and How To Make it Part of Your Story: Drew Houston And The Founding Of Dropbox

How Drew Houston used the story of forgetting his thumb drive on a 4-hour bus ride as a catalyst for creating Dropbox, a cloud-based storage solution now used by 400M people. Headphones and laptop in hand, Drew Houston stepped on a bus in Boston fully prepared to start cranking out a ton of work.

Turning a Personal Disaster Into a Story That Disrupted An Entire Industry: Carley Roney and The Knot

How Carley Roney turned her disastrous wedding experience into a narrative that became the foundation for a $130M global brand. In 1996, Carley Roney, her husband David Liu, and two friends from film school, were sitting in a café trying to think of ways they could capitalize on this new thing called the Internet.