Why Authenticity Needs to Permeate Your Story: The Story of Scott Harrison, Founder of Charity: Water

Scott Harrison left his NYC party lifestyle to change the world with water. Now his organization, Charity: Water, has raised over $95 million for 17,000 projects in 24 countries. After a conservative Christian childhood, Scott Harrison started to rebel. At age 18, he grew out his hair, moved to New York City, joined a band, and started drinking and smoking weed.

How a Story Can Change Everything: The Story of Bert Jacobs and Life is Good

Bert and John Jacobs were the youngest of six kids. Their family had a small house outside of Boston, and though they were always short on money, the kids had a good childhood. Their dad kept food on the table and their mom made sure there was always laughter in the home. One night, it all changed.